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Ænglisc: Indeas Fana
Čeština: Indická vlajka
Cymraeg: Baner India
Dansk: Indiens flag
Deutsch: Flagge Indiens
English: The Flag of India. The colours are saffron, white and green. The navy blue wheel in the center of the flag has a diameter approximately the width of the white band and is called Ashoka's Dharma Chakra, with 24 spokes (after Ashoka, the Great). Each spoke depicts one hour of the day, portraying the prevalence of righteousness all 24 hours of it.
Esperanto: Flago de Barato (Hindio)
Français : Drapeau de l'Inde
Gaeilge: Bratach na hIndia
Gàidhlig: Bratach na h-Innsean
Interlingua: Bandiera de India
Interlingue: Flagga del India
Kernowek: Baner Eynda
Latina: Vexillum Indiae
Nederlands: Vlag van India
Nouormand : Couleu d'Înde
Novial: Flage de India
Plattdüütsch: Flagg vun Indien
Português: Bandeira da Índia
Scots: Banner o Indie
Slovenščina: Državna zastava Indije
Svenska: Indiens flagga
Русский: Флаг Индии
Татарча / tatarça: Һиндстан байрагы
Українська: Прапор Індії
नेपाल भाषा: भारतयागु ध्वांय
नेपाली : भारतको राष्ट्रीय झण्डा
पालि: भारत पताका
বিষ্ণুপ্রিয়া মণিপুরী : ভারতর ফিরালহান
ਪੰਜਾਬੀ : ਭਾਰਤ ਦਾ ਝੰਡਾ
ଓଡ଼ିଆ : ଭାରତର ଜାତୀୟ ପତାକା
සිංහල : ඉන්දියාවේ ජාතික කොඩිය
မြန်မာဘာသာ – အိန္ဒိယနိုင်ငံ၏ အလံတော်
日本語 印度の国旗
中文(简体) 印度国旗
中文(繁體) 印度國旗
اردو : بھارت کا پرچم
العربية : علم الهند
پښتو : د هندوستان بېرغ
پنجابی: ھندستان دا چنڈا
فارسی : پرچم هند
ދިވެހިބަސް: އިންޑިޔާގެ ދިދަ
Tarix 1947-present

Öz işi, based on

Flag of India*
country India
used by India
current since 1947-08-15
created by Pingali Venkayya
format 2:3
shape rectangular
colours saffron, white, green, blue
     saffron rendered as RGB 255 103 031
     rendered as RGB 255 255 255
     Yaşıl rendered as RGB 004 106 056
     göy rendered as RGB 006 003 141
other characteristics flag has 3 horizontal stripes

flag contains symbol: Dharma-chakra

institution QS:P195,Q2767140
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Derivative works of this file:  Ashoka Chakra.svg

SVG genesis
W3C grn 
The SVG code is .
This flag was created with Inkscape.

Colours scheme

Source: [1]:

India saffron (Kesari) White India green Navy blue
RGB 255/104/32 255/255/255 4/106/56 7/3/141
Hexadecimal #FF6820 #FFFFFF #046A38 #07038D
CMYK 0/59/87/0 0/0/0/0 96/0/47/58 95/98/0/45
Pantone 165 C White 349 C 2738 C

This is one of the images forming part of the Valued image set: Flags of SAARC member countries on Wikimedia Commons. The image set has been assessed under the valued image set criteria and is considered the most valued set on Commons within the scope:

You can see its nomination at Commons:Valued image candidates/Flags of SAARC member countries.


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flag of the Republic of India

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Tarix/Vaxt Kiçik şəkil Ölçülər İstifadəçi Şərh
indiki 900 × 600 (848 bayt) Yann see /wiki/Commons:Administrators%27_noticeboard/Blocks_and_protections#File:Flag_of_India.svg_unprotection
900 × 600 (848 bayt) Undertiago Reverted to version as of 22:22, 26 February 2023 (UTC) @Swapnil1101 : First of all, how do you know that the Indian Gov is actually using Pantone shades, there are more coloring systems in the world you know? Also, my version of the colors are more accurate than yours if we base from Khadi India (the source you provided). And second, your Ashoka Chakra has many errors which you seem to ignore because MapGrid already told you this and you didn't respond to him. So please, understand your mist...
900 × 600 (4 KB) Swapnil1101 You Can buy a Pantone Guide and Official Flag from Khadi India, Karnataka (Govt of India) and Match Yourself. True color and Wheel Dots are exactly same as i reverted. Older one has smaller dots.
900 × 600 (848 bayt) Undertiago Reverted to version as of 21:58, 17 February 2023 (UTC) @Vikassinghhhh, your revert doesn't have sense. You changed the code to an imperfect one, and changed the colors to the Pantone shades.
900 × 600 (4 KB) Vikassinghhhh Reverted
900 × 600 (848 bayt) Undertiago I appreciate all of your work but I still don't undersand why this file uses colors: PMS 165 C / 349 C / 2738 C because I don't find any source that provides this. So I'll keep the colors of this version (see version of 00:42, 6 January 2023 to know why of this colors) until someone shares the source.
900 × 600 (826 bayt) Sbb1413 Reverted to version as of 04:53, 10 February 2023 (UTC) what's wrong with the previous flag
900 × 600 (940 bayt) 5ysksos6 Reverted to version as of 05:10, 3 January 2023 (UTC)
900 × 600 (826 bayt) MapGrid Synced with new construction sheet File:Flag of India (construction sheet) (2-3).svg. which, after scaling, is consistent with flag sizes #1, #2, #3, #4, & #6 in the government specifications. Please do ''not'' upload any more Vexilla Mundi type flags with a Ashoka_Chakra_radius to hoist ratio of 9:60. That ratio is only applicable to 450×300mm flags. The 450×300mm size was added to the govt spec in 1979 for "aircrafts on VVIP flights"; it is listed as #7; it is not a scaled version of...
900 × 600 (4 KB) John emil hernandez fixing displaying error
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